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Postal Service Will Keep Saturday Mail Delivery After All

chicago postal services review

Postal Service money orders to fraudulently obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars from area banks. The only real way to get a postal worker in trouble is to call your US congressional office and open a postal inquiry. Shit gets done real fast when a congressional aide calls them. On average I would say roughly 1/4th uss express shipping to 1/3rd of all my USPS packages just end up "lost". I once had to go pick up a package there, and ring the bell for service and waited about 15 mins for someone to even come ask what i needed. After I showed them my package slip, the worker disappeared for almost a half hour, until i just rang the bell again.

chicago postal services review

One, they didn’t deliver the overnight letter in a timely manner. Funny, the other letter mailed at the same time to the same place arrived within one day.

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She scolded me for doing so, and then told me the package probably wasnt there. While you do not have to use an SF-95 form to file a claim, it makes it easier to supply the information necessary for a claim. For more information about this process, contact the Tort Branch of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) Civil Division. To bring legal action against a federal agency, you must first contact the agency directly. The agency will provide you with information and forms, and try to settle the problem in-house. The rules for filing complaints about state and local judges vary by state. If the problem remains unresolved, learn how to file a complaint with the U.S.

  • Don’t use USPS if you want your packages to be delivered on time.
  • You can do so by using their online contact form.
  • Worst service carrier company ever, you guys are the first from last.
  • View anA-Z index of federal agencies.
  • I honestly couldn’t mentally tolerate being a mail carrier anymore.
  • Believing that I was paying for $1.95, an insane, unpleasant and unexpected charge of $78 was made for an.

Please don’t its a minimum 1500 word rant. To file a complaint against a state, local, or tribal agency, contact the agency. Viewstate or territorial government websites. is uss express legit Learn how tofile a complaint about a federal judge. You can report alleged misconduct or disability that interferes with their ability to perform their duties.

Had Tires Delivered About A Month Ago

Sent important letter to Europe priority express and paid around $ 70 for it was supposed to take 3 days but arrived like 9 days after. Horrible experience and not serious at all. One of my employers, in Roscoe Village mailed me my check (l’m in Pilsen) I used my p.o. 3 weeks after she mailed it she had it returned saying it was undeliverable….address is 100% correct, my name is on the box, and I’ve gotten mail in it before. Examples 1 of why I would give 1 star.

It’s just like a regular job, 1/3 of the people were excellent, 1/3 of the people sucked, and 1/3 did just enough to stay out of trouble and maybe a LITTLE uss express shipping bit more. I worked for the Federal Government 30 years ago and I can verify this. If a "Congressional" came in, it went to the top of the priority list.

Sent Important Letter To Europe

Mack Julion, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, blames delayed mail and complaints on what he calls "unfilled vacancies" across the Chicago area. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing. I can’t believe how terrible this organization is. You purchased their service, they destroy your stuff, they refuse to reimburse you, and won’t even give you your money back for hiring them to move your package. Mail service has been sporadic at best in many parts of Chicago this holiday season. We visit two areas that have been hit hard to find out what’s going on, and what can be done to fix it. Ten people from the city and suburbs face the potential of decades behind bars after they allegedly used counterfeit U.S.

Beatty: Usps To Conduct Audit Of Central Ohio Mail Delivery

I sorted mail manually and got a lot with my co workers and supervisors. The most enjoyable part of the job is at the end of the day when I leave work. Learning that on any given day something is subject to change. Management only cares about getting the mail out.

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