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(703) 475-3527 P.O Box 10889 Alexandria, VA 22310

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Welcome to Minuteman Professional Services

Enjoy your free time and leave the
cleaning to us!

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Fully Insured & Licensed Cleaning Company

39 Years Experience In Professional
Cleaning Services

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Experienced and Reliable Cleaning Company

For over 39 years, Minuteman Professional Services has been providing the best maid services in the North Alexandria area. Our maids work efficiently to exceed your cleaning expectations.

At Minuteman Professional Services we take pride in our experienced, trained and dependable cleaning service provider. We count with cleaning experts, equipment and supplies that allow us to perform any cleaning process successfully. All of our service and products are measured and properly handled to treat you and your home with the deepest care.

Customer satisfaction is our motor, our job stops once you are completely satisfied.

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Minuteman Professional Services

Post-Construction Cleaning? Pre /Post-Move-In Space Cleaning? We provide quality cleaning services for commercial and residential buildings such as apartments, houses, offices and more. Our experienced team will keep your space healthy, clean and safe. We offer quality service, fair prices, and flexible schedules. Contact us to perform your first clean up and we will clean your oven for free!

Fully Insured & Licensed Cleaning Company

Minuteman Professional Services is a licensed and insured company. Our cleaning experts handle every cleaning service as their own to deliver high-end results to your home or business space. Do you miss the new house feeling? Contact us today!

Our team of experts is highly responsible, performing every cleaning process with excellence, diligence, and integrity. Don’t worry about any lost or damaged item, our staff treats your space as their own, providing quality and honest work.

Save time while getting great results. Contact our customer service team and schedule an appointment for your next cleaning service. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Minuteman Professional Services

Get in touch with us!

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    Proper Equipment and Supplies

    Our cleaning experts use quality cleaning products to make your place shine like never before. Our experts measure and handle every cleaning product with care during the cleaning process to ensure space is completely sanitized, clean and healthy for you and your family.

    Enjoy your free time and leave the cleaning to us!

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    For better price and services

    Schedule an appointment with Minuteman Professional Services so we can evaluate the project you want. Below you can see some company features.

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    P.O Box 10889
    Alexandria, VA 22310
    Monday to Saturday
    7:00 am. At 5:00 p.m

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